Professional Search Recruitment Firm India .

Finding top talent is the key to long-term success for any organization and we at Maven believe in being partner in success for our clients. We help our clients find and deploy top talent for all skill levels and from entry to executive level. We believe in becoming “your recruitment team” by incorporating variety of skills and technologies to identify and recruit top quality candidates for our clients. Effective professional recruitment requires hands-on experience in the markets we serve. Our search consultants possess extensive backgrounds and specific expertise in the broadest range of industries, sectors and functional areas. We provide a personal approach customized according to the client’s needs and culture.

We understand that your core competency lies in the development, and marketing of the product and that attracting “A” level candidates is important for a company’s success. Our core competency is identifying, qualifying, and bringing these “A” level candidates on board in your sector. We are in the market all day, every day, and network with 100’s of candidates. We have strong values, principles, and industry expertise. We present only quality candidates, in a very timely manner. You don’t get volumes of unrelated resumes hence, reducing lost production due to an open position and various personnel diverted to locate, qualify, and attract a quality candidate.

We bring a candidate to life by presenting him/her to your needs and provide a candidate biography rather than merely “sending a resume”. Maven has the ability to delve into making a match not only based on technical skills but, equally important, cultural fit. This can happen by utilizing personality testing for both the potential candidates and team members of the client company. We also include related professional reference checks of the candidate.

We understand our client’s business and function in close integration with their business needs help them hire the best talent for their businesses. We have and also had various opportunities to work with numerous clients in lots of industries. Our goal is to become an extension of our customer organization. Bring your recruiting challenges to Maven. We will deliver efficient, customized solutions that will get your team back on track.